About Us


With over 40 years experience as a provider for cash processing solutions the company has acquired invaluable insight on every cash handling segment. The combination of SCAN COIN's advanced technology and industry knowledge ensures that its solutions make cash handling easy and economically viable.


Cash remains a popular and enduring payment medium, the continuing challenge is to find new solutions to enhance cost-effective cash handling.

To be a leading provider of cash handling solutions built on competence and understanding of the cash cycle. We will also continue being the world leader in coin processing technology.


There are three key words we believe describe SCAN COIN, our everyday work and the way we serve our customers and co-operate with our partners: Flexible, Proactive and Partner.  These fundamental core values relate to our corporate culture, guide us in our decisions and helps keep our team together and working in the same direction. 

If Cash is King, SCAN COIN rules!