SC 1102 is an extremely cost-effective first step to identifying counterfeits. This counterfeit detector will effectively and rapidly check banknotes, cheques, ID cards and passports. It is a combination of an illuminated table with normal light and an ultraviolet lamp, which detects watermarks, security threads and fluorescent colour printing.

SC 1102 Twin Lamp UV detector

  • Today’s colour photocopying machines are so good that even
    amateurs are capable of producing counterfeit banknotes and
    cheques. Everything points to an increase in this sort of problem.
    SC 1102 is the weapon to meet this threat. There are security features that can be detected when checking banknotes,cheques, ID-cards, pass ports etc:
    - See through registers
    - Water marks
    - Security threads in banknotes
    - Fluorescent colour printing, e.g. UV images and coloured
    fibres in paper

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